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The Covenant offers many altruistic services, to freelance individuals as well as organizations of the galaxy, beneficial to both parties concerned.

The Covenant reserves the right to deny services due to conflict of beliefs, values, morals, etc.
Due to security reasons, individuals requesting services are subject to a background check for verification. 

If you have any questions not answered in the services listed below or if you require additional information, please contact our current Council leader, Tal Dorn, via Darkness Message.  

Instructional Training

One of the main pillars of The Covenant's beliefs is knowledge. The Covenant believes that an education should not be denied to any sentient being wanting to improve themselves.
The Covenant offers the following courses.

This course provides the student with basic training in many of the vocations needed to survive in today's galaxy such as; starship piloting, vehicle piloting, freight handling, multiple passenger transport, prospecting, construction, etc. The student is adopted into one of our Apprentice pods for training and receives much of the same training as our own members. 

Upon completion the student will be able to perform many of the operations necessary to achieve a successful outcome in the duties they are assigned, and to carry them out without constant aid from their supervisor. The student will also gain a rudimentary understanding of Ashla

Members of an Organization (NFG or Faction):
Have the leader of your organization sign you up for this course using the application provided in our Holoforum. This course requires a tuition fee to cover the students living expenses etc.  

Freelance Individuals:
Complete the application provided in our Holoforum. The tuition fee may be waived if the individual joins The Covenant.

This course requires the utmost commitment from the student as it is very demanding, both physically and mentally. The student, upon completion of the course, will have obtained a fundamental understanding of the lessons and exercises contained within the Ashlanian Codex. The student will be trained alongside our own members studying many of the philosophical and meditative lessons of the Codex that is carried through the level of Guardian Apprentice.

Contact  our current Council leader, Tal Dorn, via Darkness Message to see if you qualify for this course.

Trading and Legal Aid

The Covenant prides itself on the ability to handle issues with integrity, and honor, seeing moral issues as black and white and pursuing a simple approach to justice. Many of our Guardian Masters are skilled in the art of arbitration and mediation and provide these services to the public to ensure an acceptable outcome for all parties involved.

Trade Intermediary
The Covenant, not an individual, will act as a "middleman" for any trade between two parties. We guarantee a successful trade between the two parties once both have contacted the Council leader of The Covenant with details of the trade to take place as well as have had made over the items, credits etc., to be traded, to The Covenant. Once all before mentioned conditions are meet in a satisfactory manner the trade will take place, The Covenant making over the items, credits, etc. to the appropriate party. 

If requested, The Covenant can provide a Guardian Master to deliberate over a dispute between two opposing parties. The solution that results from the deliberation may or may not be accepted by the contending parties and is only considered to be a non-binding solution to promote reconciliation.

If requested, The Covenant can assign a Guardian Master to preside over deliberation of a dispute between two opposing parties. Both parties must agree before deliberation commences that the findings of the Guardian Master are binding. The Guardian Master will investigate all evidence provided by both parties without prejudice, taking local laws into consideration when handing down the ruling. Parties found not abiding by the ruling of the deliberation will forfeit all benefits or services that The Covenant may provide them as well as suffer public announcement of their malice. 

Contact our current Council leader, Tal Dorn,  to have a Mediator or Arbitrator assigned. Most hearings/deliberations can be held at our Consulate locations. Contact our Council leader for more details or visit our Holoforums.

Healthcare Services

We are the caretakers of those stricken, both in body and spirit.
Many of our Covenant Guardians are trained in the arts of healing and are charged with tending to the infirm and sick beings of the galaxy, organizing emergency refugee evacuations and providing first aid and front-line trauma care to those wounded in the line of duty.

The Covenant Healers hail from the Covenant Temple Infirmary and the Oasis Hospital on Zolan I; however it is not uncommon for a Guardian Healer to visit our Consulates or staff stations that are throughout the galaxy providing humanitarian aid to the local populaces.

Primary Services:                                                                                                              Rescue Service - Our well trained Guardian Healers will come to your location, asses your condition and administer the aid required to get you back on your feet.                                    

Medical Treatment - You, the patient, may secure your own transportation to one of our locations to receive the medical treatment you require. Contact Tal Dorn to receive location information.                                                                                                                         

Refugee Evacuation - In a galaxy rife with turmoil, many beings are left with no resolution but to flee the affected area. In these events, the Guardian Rescue Corps and Guardian Engineering Corps combine their efforts to assist and relocate these beings to a safe location. All sentient beings under our care are protected and we will do whatever is in our power to deter anyone who we deem a threat to our charges. 

If ever you find yourself in need of such services, contact our current Council leader, Tal Dorn, for additional information or request service in our Holoforum.

YOU CAN HELP. The expenses of keeping these services free-flowing to the countless victims of the galaxy is very high. To offset these expenses we ask that our fellow beings, those that are able to, contribute whatever they can. All items are needed; ships and vehicles for transport, clothing, food, shelter, medical items, credits, etc.

Every item, every credit you donate helps fuel our mission of doing whatever it takes to relieve and prevent beings from suffering - through lifesaving programs and services throughout the galaxy. 

All benefactors, unless requesting to remain anonymous, will be listed in our "Hall of Angels".


The Covenant offers many of the ceremonies we practice to the public. Presided over by a Guardian Master, your requested ceremony will be handled with the utmost care and diligence to ensure your special occasion is in accordance with Ashlanian beliefs as well as with your cultural traditions. 

To request additional information about the ceremonies we offer, contact our current Council leader, Tal Dorn, via Darkness Message. 

Naming Ceremony
The birth of a child is an occasion of great importance to The Covenant. From day one of its emergence into the galaxy the child will have an influence on Ashla, as such the ceremony is handled with the greatest of care.

A Guardian Master accompanied by a Guardian Healer, who will act as a midwife to ensure the health of the child and parent, preside over the birth. Incense is lit to alleviate any negative emotional states that may contribute to illness and to create a calming effect, as the expecting parent is aided with the delivery.

Upon arrival the child is taken into the arms of the Guardian Master who gives a name to the child befitting that of its culture and then is introduced to the galaxy followed by the fist line of the Mantra of The Covenant - Through Life, there is Ashla.

Cleansing Ceremony
Oft times one's spirit will be tainted by the negative emotions that upset the balance of Ashla,
it is then that a cleansing is highly recommended to bring oneself back into balance.

The participant is taught a meditation exercise by a Guardian Master then is placed in seclusion within a meditation chamber. The meditation chamber is infused with scented incense to alleviate any negative emotional states and to create a calming effect upon the meditating participant as outside attendants recite tenets from the Ashlanian Codex that is piped into the chamber.

The ceremony has been known to last for days, but concludes when the participant begins to "chant" along with the attendants. Upon emergence the participant and those attending recite the fourth line of the Mantra of The Covenant - Through Balance, there is Peace.

Union Ceremony
The choice of two individuals to exchange vows and become one is an occasion to be cherished and not taken lightly. Allow us to preside over your union and be confident that all details will be taken care of from a Guardian Master to oversee the vows, planning the ceremony, based on your customs, to the celebration that will follow. Once vows are exchanged, the Guardian Master will recite the third line of the Mantra of The Covenant - Through Order, there is Balance to signify the importance of maintaining your spoken vows to maintain order and the balance it creates when two have become one. 

Funeral Ceremonies
The Covenant respects that funeral customs vary widely based on the culture and beliefs of the deceased individual. The Covenant has established three methods that we believe is befitting of most cultures in one form or another and in all cases the process is handled solemnly and with as much respect as possible.

Cremation: This process takes the form of a solemn funeral pyre, observed by the deceased individual's family and friends. Following the pyre, the carbon residue of the deceased is collected and then compressed into synthetic diamonds. Upon dusk of the following day, the family and friends once again gather, at the tomb or the family mausoleum of the deceased, to find that the diamonds, made from the remains, have been embedded into the wall of the structure in the form of a glittering constellation.

Burial - Entombment : This process takes the form of the casketed remains of the deceased individual being placed within the ground or within a sarcophagi within a tomb or family mausoleum, following a procession of family and friends. A burial within the ground is usually marked by a plinth or statue size monument. 

Burial at Space/Sea: This process takes the form of the casketed remains of the individual being jettisoned from the vessel following a formal ceremony. This process is most popular for those that have served in the military and have passed during service. 

These processes take a large amount of planning. Do not burden your loved ones with this, make preparations in advance.

Facility Management and Construction

The Covenant specializes in various facilities and city designs to ensure that the needs of you and your citizens are met with profound care and all due diligence.

To request additional information about these services, contact our current Council leader, Tal Dorn, via Darkness Message.

Consulates and Consulate Cities 
Help us help you by allowing us to build a Consulate or Consulate City on your planet. Doing so will ensure your citizens immediately receive most of the services we offer to the public as well as boost the morale and lower crime on your planet. 

Unique Facilities
The Covenant offers the construction and management of facilities unique to our organization.
Ranging in size, these facilities include;  consulates, tombs, academies as well as the usual facilities only available to religious organizations.

There is usually a percentage added to the construction fee for facility construction.
For management of a facility, a percentage of the income it generates is requested to provide for the upkeep and maintenance of the facility. 

Contact Tal Dorn to work out an amicable contract agreement.

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