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"Through Life, there is Ashla"
- First line of the Mantra of the Covenant

The Guardian Rescue Corps is the not for profit administrative medical division of The Ashla Covenant charged with administering the healthcare services of lifesaving programs offered to our fellow citizens of the galaxy by The Covenant. The Guardian Rescue Corps is also tasked with conducting medical research and development programs and the production of medical items and entities that supply our offered services.

Mission Statement:

"Compassion, Commitment, Courage"
- Motto of the Guardian Rescue Corps

Sworn caretakers of those stricken, both in body and spirit, the Guardian Healers of The Ashla Covenant are trained in the arts of healing and are dedicated to providing assistance to the infirm and sick beings of the galaxy, organizing emergency refugee evacuations and providing first aid and front-line trauma care to those wounded in the line of duty - regardless of political alignment, financial status or race.

 About Us:
Healers of the Guardian Rescue Corps are first and foremost Covenant Guardians of The Ashla Covenant, sharing the same moral and ethical life-path lessons found within the Ashlanian Codex and adhered to by all Covenant Guardians. The Guardian Rescue Corps is based in the Zolan system of the Lambda sector, however it is commonplace for Guardian Healers to staff The Ashla Covenant's network of consulates positioned throughout the galaxy providing medical treatment to citizens near and far.

Although officially founded on day 200 of year 15 of the galactic calendar, the Guardian Healers can trace their origins to the re-emergence of The Ashla Covenant in year 9. It was inevitable that many new students of the rediscovered Ashlanian Codex, would gravitate to learning and becoming practitioners of the medical arts. To accommodate the healers, late in year 9. the Academy of Medical Training began academic studies within the Covenant Temple Infirmary and the first hospital operated by Guardian Healers opened in the city of Oasis on Zolan I. As the Medical Corps grew in numbers, so did their responsibilities.

The Council of the Guardian Conclave soon realized the level of autonomy that would be gained if the medical branch was to become a recognized organization of the galaxy and soon the plans were formalized to take that next step. This new division within The Ashla Covenant became known as the Guardian Medical Corps. In year 13, Ayure Nuin, a city that would serve as the head quarters of the Medical Corps was created. The expanding responsibilities and involvement in search and rescue type operations led to the name change to what they are known as today, the Guardian Rescue Corps.

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Positions Vacant

We are currently looking to fill the following positions and WE NEED YOU.
Department Vacancies:
  • Healers: Doctors and Medics.
    Required Skills - Medical Treatment

  • Medical Production Technicians: - Alazhi Farming, Bacta Refinement, Medical Item Production, Droid Production, Ship Production and Vehicle Production.
    Required Skills - Management

  • Rescue Pilots: Emergency and Refugee Evacuations.
    Required Skills - Medical Treatment and Fighter/Freighter Piloting
Joining the Guardian Rescue Corps
NOTE: You must first join The Ashla Covenant and enter the Academy before being assigned to the Guardian Rescue Corps.

Be logged in to SWCombine and follow the instructions below:

1 - Choose "Faction" at the right side bar under "Manage".
2 - In the field "General" at the top left of the page, click "[ Join Faction ]".
3 - From the drop down menu, select "The Ashla Covenant", click on it
4 - In the "Request Message" field, include a brief description of why you wish to join and that you have selected the Guardian Rescue Corps as your primary division.
5 - Click "Send Join Request".
6 - Your application will be processed as quickly as possible, usually the very same day.
Once accepted, you will be sent an automated acceptance message via a Darkness Message (the in game message client - message will have the faction logo). The message will have additional instruction to follow to complete your enrollment.

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