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If you're looking for singular praise, or 'at a boys with pats on the back, or mounds of credits to fill your coffers; then we thank you and hope you do well with whatever faction you decide to join, but The Covenant is not the place for you.

If you seek a higher understanding of Ashla within a committed, hard working community. If you are willing to commit to living a life void of hatred, fear, anger, aggression and malevolence. And if you have the inner strength and fortitude to live a life filled with selfless acts of compassion, courage, healing and benevolence... Well then, The Covenant could be what you seek.

So, you've continued this far, something must have interested you. Well let's get some frequently asked questions out of the way.

Q - What will I be paid?
A - Nothing - we do not pay a salary, instead all of our members are given a base living expense of 1,000,000 cr a month with a % bonus that ranges from 25% to 100% of your living expense. We ask that you at least check in once a week with your assigned mentor, department leader or the Council Leader and participate in faction activities when available.

Q - Are there benefits?
A - Yes.
*Force Testing
*Monetary Loans (Available at Rating of G-2)
*Use of ships not currently used for faction business
*Use of production facilities and stations not currently being used for faction business
*Raw Material Access: We have access to some RMs. If you require RMs for a personal project, we will help you secure these.
* After reaching the rank of Guardian Apprentice, you will be given an item package consisting of a weapon , armor and accessories from our stock.

Q - What will I be doing?
A - Well, you've really stepped into it now. - All of our Guardian Initiates are required to complete a basic introductory course in our philosophy, submitting a synopsis upon completion. Upon your promotion to Apprentice, you will be required to complete a basic course in vocational training.This is required so that you may perform many of the operations necessary to achieve a successful outcome in the duties you are assigned. Upon completion you will be assigned to the Division of your choice listed below. This however is not static and there will be times that you will be asked to perform a task outside your normal duties. This is the reason for the basic vocational training. During this time you will also be asked to continue your indoctrination into our philosophy through advanced study of the Ashlanian Codex.

Q - How do I join?
A - Simply follow the directions via the Join The Covenant link provided in the navigation bar.

The Covenant is seeking dedicated members to fill positions within the flowing Divisions:

From maintaining the moisture vaporators on Zolan I to assisting the Medical Corps in patient and refugee evacuations; the Guardian Engineering Corps is the backbone of all Covenant operations.

::Rescue Corps::

The Guardian Rescue Corps; "We are the caretakers of those stricken, both in body and spirit."  Selfless acts of healing and willing to put their selves in the path of danger to rescue or provide medical aid to any sentient.


::Diplomatic Corps::

The Guardian Diplomatic Corps is responsible for seeking aid and alliances against the Dark.  The GDC also oversees many of the trade, legal and ceremonial services provided by The Covenant.

::Defence Command::

The Guardian Defence Command has the primary objective of protecting the citizens of Zolan I. The GDC also provides security to the Zolan system in conjunction with the Falleen Federation. Consisting of the Guardian Defence Fleet and the Guardian Security Force, the GDC utilizes both of these groups to police the planet Zolan I and to secure Zolan space and surrounding systems. The GDC also provides security and aid to Covenant interest outside of the system and to allies when called upon.