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The Covenant is a Faction Group of the SWCombine. We are currently seeking committed members to join our cause. Before you join The Covenant, you must first be a member of the SWCombine. If you are already a member of the SWCombine, skip the next section and continue with the directions found in 'JOINING THE COVENANT'.


To join the SWCombine, visit their site and register. Follow the instructions given to create your account/character.

Remember - your account name/handle will be your character's name.

Once you have registered, SWCombine will send you an email for account activation. Once this is complete return here and continue with 'JOINING THE COVENANT' section.


Are you ready to join?
If so, be logged in to SWCombine and follow the instructions below:  
1 - Choose "Faction" at the right side bar under "Manage".
2 - In the field "General" at the top left of the page, click "[ Join Faction ]".
3 - From the drop down menu, select "The Ashla Covenant", click on it
4 - In the "Request Message" field, include a brief description of why you wish to join and which division most interest you.
NOTE: You must first join The Ashla Covenant and enter the Academy before moving onto your desired division.
5 - Click "Send Join Request".
6 - Your application will be processed as quickly as possible, usually the very same day.
Once accepted, you will be sent an automated acceptance message via a Darkness Message (the in game message client - message will have the faction logo). The message will have additional instruction to follow to complete your enrollment.