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"Through Order, there is Balance"
- Third line of the Mantra of the Covenant

 The backbone of all Covenant operations, the Guardian Engineering Corps is the division of The Ashla Covenant tasked with meeting the construction, production and logistical needs of The Covenant. You can be assured that the Guardian Engineering Corps has played a major role in every operation of The Covenant; From assisting the Guardian Rescue Corps with refugee evacuations, securing raw materials for the many projects that keep The Ashla Covenant supplied and running, to the vocational training of The Ashla Covenant's members - the Guardian Engineering Corps is at the forefront of all operations.

Mission Statement:

"Conceive, Believe, Achieve"
“Willing Spirits, Skillful Hands, the Difficult We Do in a Day, the Impossible Takes a Bit Longer”
- Mottoes of the Guardian Engineering Corps

The mission of the Guardian Engineering Corps is to support the personnel of and services offered by The Ashla Covenant through innovative construction, production and logistical management strategies. Our goal is to ensure that the supply and demand of; items, resources and entities necessary for a successful outcome of all Covenant endeavors are met.

About Us:
Personnel of the Guardian Engineering Corps are first and foremost Covenant Guardians of The Ashla Covenant, sharing the same moral and ethical life-path lessons found within the Ashlanian Codex and adhered to by all Covenant Guardians. The Guardian Engineering Corps' industrial resources are based in the Lambda sector's Zolan system, but it is not uncommon to see the vessels of the Guardian Engineering Corps throughout the galaxy fulfilling the needs of The Covenant.

From the time of the re-emergence of The Ashla Covenant, it was recognized that a base of operations was needed to support the rapid growth of followers the philosophy was attracting. After continuous attempts to find a home, an agreement was garnered between the newly reestablished group and the Falleen Federation, the Falleen Federation giving custodianship of the planet Zolan I to The Ashla Covenant.

A problem soon arose - Zolan I was mostly considered void of life due to its proximity to the systems' sun. But to a adherent of the Ashlanian Codex, life in all forms is of importance and should be protected so that it can continue its natural course. The solution came in the form of select Guardians, whose talents included architecture, engineering and construction, that came forth to develop unique strategies that would balance the needs of the Covenant with that of the flora and fauna of Zolan I. Plans were developed by these Guardians and construction began on a location that would become The Ashla Covenant's first settlement, Haven. From these Guardians', whose distinct talents and vision kept the ethics of the Covenant instilled within all industrial endeavors, a new division was formed - the Guardian Engineering Corps.

As the Covenant grew in numbers, so too did the population that came to Zolan I for asylum, commerce or general interest. To meet the requirements of the growing communities, the Guardian Conclave once again called upon the Guardian Engineering Corps to develop the complex systems for sanitation, utilities, land usage, housing, and transportation. Soon Zolan I became a planet sprawled with cites, its population swelling over two-billion citizens. Each city unique, keeping balance of nature and industry within its architecture and purpose.

The Council of the Guardian Conclave realized the level of autonomy that would be gained if the engineering division was to become a recognized organization of the galaxy and plans were formalized to take that next step. In year 16, Hephaistos, a city that would serve as the guild hall of the Guardian Engineering Corps was constructed.

The Guardian Engineering Corps has been and continues to be at the forefront of all Covenant expansion and altruistic endeavors - "the backbone of all Covenant operations.".

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