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We are The Ashla Covenant...

We have sworn to uphold the lessons and exercises of the Ashlanian Codex to the best of our abilities, striving to maintain a life pure in spirit and thought.
A life void of hatred, fear, anger, aggression and malevolence. A life filled with selfless acts of compassion, courage, healing and benevolence.

Through Life, there is Ashla
Through Ashla, there is Order
Through Order, there is Balance
Through Balance, there is Peace
- Mantra of the Covenant

We are the heralds of Ashla to all of those that would listen.
We are the defenders of the weak and innocent to all of those who seek aid against oppression.
We are the emissaries of peace in times of strife.
We are the caretakers of those stricken, both in body and spirit.
We are allies of the forces of Light against the rising tide of Dark forces that threatens the
moral balance of the galaxy.


It is our belief that practicing the lessons and exercises found within the Ashlanian Codex will strengthen our bond with Ashla. That through strenuous exercise of the mind and body, even those with the weakest of sensitivity to Ashla can enhance that sensitivity and become masters though it takes hard work. self-discipline and  the most profound commitment and astute mind.