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Way of Life

Guided by the Ashlanian Codex, Covenant members are unified by our quest to understand, study and harness the mystical energies and philosophy of Ashla.
In following the Codex, a Covenant Guardian's behavior is structured to uphold self-discipline, responsibility and service - to The Covenant as well as to the public, as Guardians of peace and justice.

Martial in nature, we focus our lives on understanding and strengthening our connection, or oneness, with Ashla. This bond is increased through rigorous training and meditation to achieve a state of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual harmony, a kind of inner peace. The ways of a Covenant Guardian is a life-long path, as such becoming a Guardian requires the most profound commitment and astute mind as our life is one of sacrifice and service.

In keeping with the study and understanding of the philosophy of Ashla, a Covenant Guardian is compassionate, humble and benevolent in behavior. We strive to clear ourselves of negative emotions as it leads to upsetting the purity and balance of Ashla. A member endeavors to achieve and maintain harmony with nature and with all living things as it is believed this is what manifests the mystical energies of Ashla. A Guardian is well aware of the dangers posed to Ashla by negative emotions and malevolent behaviors and are dedicated opponents of such as it represents destruction, corruption and a disregard for the natural order and balance of the universe. 


When discovered by Tal Dorn, The Ancients appeared to
traditionally wear clothing of a similar color and style - blue colored robes. It was suspected that the reason for this was to not only unify the members but also to reflect their lifestyle of modesty and humility. 

 Since the re-emergence of The Covenant, this tradition has been replaced by simply displaying the insignia of The Covenant somewhere upon the clothing. It has been found, that with the many races that have joined The Covenant, members are more comfortable selecting clothing of their choosing.

 The exception to this is that Guardian Healers are required to wear blue robes and also to display The Covenant Guardian Healer insignia upon their left breast of the robe. This was established so that Guardian Healers would be easily recognized as non-combatants on the battle field and also to generally "stick out" in a crowd in emergency situations.

Oft times, when the need arises, members choose to wear armor and other protective clothing that befits their assignment. This protective gear is often supplied by The Covenant, through our benefactors, and is usually integrated into the Guardians normal attire. 


The Covenant is governed by the Guardian Conclave. The Conclave is made up of five experienced Guardian Masters given the additional title of Consul. From these five members, a Council leader is chosen - currently the Council leader is Tal Dorn. The Guardian Conclave is responsible for making organization decisions for The Covenant.

To help carry out the decisions of the Conclave and maintain the day to day events, The Covenant is divided into Divisions. These include; the Guardian Rescue Corps, Guardian Engineering Corps, Guardian Diplomatic Corps and Guardian Defense Command. The Guardian Defense Command is further divided into the Guardian Defense Fleet and the Guardian Security Force. 

All members are assigned the title Guardian. As members progress through their philosophy training, a secondary title is assigned.
Highest rank at top:

Additional titles are bestowed upon members when assigned to different tasks or when they have achieved a certain accomplishment.
These titles are used in conjunction with the title of Guardian.
Pro Consul
Wing Commander
Squadron Leader